about my work

I was trained as an Architect. And my mind is chaotic in a sense. Analyzing all the parameters and re-composing them in every possible way. All the time. But my eyes love purity. Simplicity. Coherence. And my hands move methodically, producing orderly lines and detailed structures.

I’m Greek. In ancient Greek language, the word for jewel or adornment is “kosmos”. But “kosmos” also means the actual “making”. It means rhythm and order. The making of an “example”, an “archetype” with a perfect inner architecture. A small world on its own. A “whole”. A “pattern” that could be traced again and again and be embodied in the “cosmos” as we understand it today.

In a way “kosmos” is the act of making “cosmos” visible. And in extension “kosmos” as “adornment” is a second skin, an envelope that makes the body of the wearer appear.

I love challenge. And the biggest challenge for me is the challenge of “making”. Of producing order out of chaos. Through my work I try to redefine “kosmos”  and thus make my “cosmos” and my “reality” materialize. I design adornments using ordinary and overlooked every-day objects. Things that I de-construct and re-arrange in 3-D “puzzles” that clothe the body while speaking of immaterial relationships:

The precious and the non-precious, the beautiful and the ambiguous, the familiar and the unusual, the lasting and the ephemeral, the new and the old.

My jewelry  are open to interpretation.

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