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Theme: Bipolars and immaterial relationships
Programming tool: 5 DEGREES OF DIVERGENCE
Scope: Mapping of the creative process.

“A link of associations typically diverges in meaning and focus” (Onar Am).

Imagine a conversation where you wander from one related topic to another. 5 related topics later you might be talking about something completely different than what you started with. This could be considered analogical to being 5 nodes off the originally perceived concept.

Using this idea of divergence as a tool, I try to map my creative process. The result is a body of work developed in groups of five pieces. Each group works as an unfolding narrative. I start with a design. This design leads me to the next. And then the next. The last piece created could be completely different from the first one, or could be, in fact, quite similar.

Every group’s aim is to function as a “whole”, a complete composition. Whereas each of the designs comprising the group is a fragment. Individual groups of work share  common elements or fragments. Because: “no fragment is an idea of origin. Fragments demand a preceding action. The act is collision; the effect is fragment. Implied is the shuttering of a whole. The shuttered whole is a synthetic whole (although it may appear to be an analytic whole of additive parts), in which the shattering is the mechanism of the syntax”(Jennifer Bloomer)

The syntax, that Jennifer Bloomer talks about, creates the “text”, the “narrative” that interlinks individual pieces and make them work together. Every narrative can be represented as a  network. A network of intersecting lines, with nodes and trajectories. From each node endless possible trajectories begin. Thus the development of the body of work is subjective. It is a matter of choice I choose  my very personal trajectory; my very personal line of work. Nevertheless, the work, is open to interpretation. The wearer could attach to his object of desire, his own personal mythologie.

Working on each of these groups, I experiment with different materials and techniques while expressing feelings and thoughts on immaterial relationships.
The whole and the parts.
The feamale and the male.
The negative and the positive.
The perforated and the compact.
The transparent and the opacque
The light and the dark.
The content and the container
The enclosed and the exposed
The sharp and the dull.
The light and the heavy
The beautiful and the ugly.
The familiar and the unfamiliar.
The expected and the unexpected.
The ephemeral and the everlasting.

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